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The Association of Qualified Divers is a club formed for all certified divers from any recognised agency. A weekly event is held at the Cripps Swimming pool Northampton, located in the Cripps Leisure Center at  The Northampton General Hospital . Between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm the swimming pool is available to current members at no charge. To non-members the entry charge to the pool will be £3.00 per session. Also free to members will be the use of tanks and weights (subject to first come first served). This will make it easier for members to access the pool. The swimming pool is 3 metres deep and 25 metres long which makes it ideal for Scuba practice.

Also available on site is a bar with meal facilities, the drinks and food are at very reasonable prices and the food is very good value. After the pool session we will meet in the bar for a few hours, have a meal and who knows, perhaps a few drinks. Partners, diving or non diving are more than welcome, however we must restrict children in the bar area.

Other benefits include :-

Trips around the British Isles on average once a month. Plus we try to encourage trips organised by club members. (Trips organised by ourselves tend to be midweek as weekends are taken up with training).

Scuba Equipment available for hire at either the pool or for Open Water trips.

Hire charges are as follows:-

Full kit for Open Water—£15.00 per day (Dry-suits are an extra £10.00 per day).

Pool hire —Jacket £2.00 / Regulators £2.00 / Fins £0.50

Lectures / slide shows and social evenings arranged. Plus a Xmas party with raffle prizes of Scuba Equipment.

For those of you who need someone to dive with we can usually find you a partner. (For Diving). Members can also use Rothwell pool on Sundays between 4:00pm and 5:30pm, also free of charge, but sometimes if we are busy with training this may not be possible, so it is strongly recommended to contact us for availability.

10% discount is offered off all courses taught by:-



A Newsletter will be sent out as and when we collect together enough material sent in by members. Please, if you go on any dive trips at all send us a story about it!

The joining fee, is an initial charge of £20.00 (£5.00 registration cost and £15.00 for six months membership). Where after six months membership will be £15.00. A personal, laminated membership card will be issued shortly after receipt of the booking form.

Don't forget, A.Q.D. has been set up to keep divers diving. (open water and in the swimming pool). It is my opinion that too many accidents happen due to lack of practice in the winter months! Also a lot of people go to all the expense and effort of learning to dive and then don't carry it on for various reasons. A.Q.D. is there to give you the opportunity to dive for pleasure and to keep your hard earned skills up to date, also to introduce you to many friendly and dedicated divers who JUST WANT TO DIVE!!!


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership at any time, if we think it is in the best interest of the club!