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The Advanced Open Water course consists of five dives, the course can be completed in one location or if preferred part of the course can be done elsewhere. Once the last dive is completed the diver will be awarded the Advanced Open Water certification card, which will allow the certified diver to dive (with a diver of the same or higher qualification) to a recommended depth of 30 Metres and with greater experience, down to an absolute maximum depth of 40 Metres. To qualify for entry to this course a diver must hold either PADI Open Water Certification or an equivalent certification from another agency. Two of the five dives are classed as Core dives, these are "Deep Dive" and "Navigation Dive". These two dives must be completed before certification. The other three dives are classed as elective dives and can be chosen from a variety of different subjects e.g. Wreck Dive, Drift Dive, Dry-Suit Dive etc. Depending on logistics some dives are more suitable than others and we will be glad to recommend those most suited to the type and location of your intended diving plans. If the course is started during winter months in England we would recommend the Dry-Suit dive as the first dive, which would include a swimming pool session for an introduction to using this piece of equipment. (This is included in the price). The course can be completed in just two days but most people prefer to extend this to three days. On Starting the course the student is required to read the relevant sections in the Advanced Open Water manual and complete the knowledge reviews. The dives are then thoroughly briefed at the dive site where certain skills can be practiced prior to the dives. Each dive has set requirements which must be accomplished, these can be found in the Advanced manual , or in any PADI training log book. If students would rather complete certain dives at coastal locations we would be pleased to do this, however as this involves a lot more expense, this does add to the cost of the course. (Please contact us for details). In general we would advise that the Advanced course is completed at Stoney Cove as this is a much more controlled environment and skills can be monitored much better.                    Other Courses
COST 225.00
This includes :- Manual, Logbook, Certification, all equipment supplied during the course. Not included is any fees required for entrance to any open water dive sites. (usually approximately 5.00 per day.