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The OPEN WATER COURSE is the second recognised certification level in PADI. (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). When the course is completed, the student is presented with a certification card, allowing the person named to dive to 18 Meters or shallower with another Open Water Diver, or a diver with an equivalent or higher certification level. THE COURSE CONSISTS OF :-

1. 5 academic sessions which last approximately one and a half hours per session. Each

Session consists of watching a video module, listening to a lecture and expanding on the information presented in the video. There is a short quiz at the end of modules 1/2/3/4 and a

final examination at the end of module 5. Each student receives a manual before the course begins and is expected to read each section and answer any questions presented in the manual. The scheduling of the academic sessions can usually be tailored to suit your needs.

2. There are also 5 confined (swimming pool ) sessions. In these sessions you will learn various skills and will gradually build upon these skills in preparation for the next stage. The confined sessions are conducted when there is available pool time. As pool time is very costly, we must ask you to try and schedule yourself to fit in with our allotted times.

3. The last section consists of 4 Open Water Dives, we normally try to fit in two dives per day, but we can easily schedule these to suit you, as we use a local training lake which is available most of the time. These dives are qualifying dives consisting of various skills (already learnt in the swimming pool) and a tour for experience (and pleasure).

4. The last requirement (and this can be done at any time during the course) is a swim of 200 Meters and a tread water for 10 minutes. The swim is not timed.

A medical statement must be filled in prior to entering the course. Any answers to the questions resulting in a “Yes” means that a Doctors Medical must be obtained before training can begin.


This outline is only intended to give you a basic understanding of the PADI Open Water Course. Any omissions or changes to this program may be made at any time in conjunction with the General Standards section of the PADI Instruction Manual.     Other courses?

COST £275.00
This includes :- Manual, Logbook, Certification, all equipment supplied during the course. Not included is any fees required for entrance to any open water dive sites. (usually approximately £5.00 per day.